Hotel with a restaurant-this is more opportunities for recreation.

Any family celebration,wedding,presentation or official reception will be a bright,tasty event and will be included in our joint history.

“Latar” is a place for travel gourmets and connoisseurs of a high level of service.

We have added the experience of the best foreign hotels in the mode of preparation and organization of large-scale and local events to the national color.But it remains the unusual spice that is seasoned dish for taste and originality.



Where is?

The restaurant is conveniently located in the west of Yerevan.

Combine tourism with relaxation:give guests an impression!

At your disposal is a luxurious.All for celebrations with a capacity of up to 1000 people!The time is not limited.Look at the photo of the hotel with a restaurant on our website.

Our highlights

The service is both sufficient and inconspicuous that distinguished guests appreciate it.High qualification of chefs allows you to create a menu of amazing dishes in any style.Of course,you can order dishes from the national Armenian cuisine.Providing proper nutrition for visitors to the Center “Prolong Youth”,we carefully monitor the freshness of products.They are delivered on the day of celebration.
The complex “Hotel-Restaurant “will allow accommodating all guests after a festive event,without thinking about a night transfer.It is possible for several days at once.The night restaurant overlooking the valley,beautifully lit,judging by the feedback from visitors,becomes the exquisite decoration of your celebration.

We designed a huge territory which is open for unhurried and contemplative walks with love and care for you.The history of the creation of many details is worthy of a separate story of the guide.Everything here has a unique design and value.Different zones for photo shoots will beautifully capture the course of a significant event.All luxury residence is open for your reviw and movement.
Become the honored guests of the complex “Latar”!

Restaurant “Msho Tun”

Restaurant “Msho Tun” will surprise even the most strict visitors with the variety of its cuisine.Here,under the natioanl traditional melody,you can taste the Armenian national cuisine.Wonderful environment and service create the warm atmosphere of a natioanl home and treats.

Restaurant “carts”

An open-air restaurant awaits you in the open air,where you can spend a wonderful time on ancient Armenian carts,watching lavash stove and enjoying Armenian national music.