Conference hall

Conference hall

The large and small “Latar” conference hall is a great place to hold any kind of event.With us,conferences or presentations,business trainings,briefings,seminars will be held at the highest level!

Why are businessmen and entrepreneurs increasingly seeking to hold large-scale business meetings outside their company and even the country?Relocation helps to master new knowledge more effectively,and partners appreciate good taste and care for them.
There are various 4.5 star hotels in Armenia with a large conference room,and there are several small ones.We provide both formats at once:up to 80 and up to 1000 people.Any of your ideas can be embodied in them thanks to good technical equipment.
We know and appreciate business etiquette,so we are always ready for mutually beneficial negotiations.

The hotel complex “Latar” provides the only business sites in Yerevan located in a picturesque place.A breathtaking view of Mount Ararat opens from here,and the whole area is surrounded by flowering gardens.The hotel itself is located near Yerevan.

Our experience in organizing international events along with having a good,prepared,well-coordinated team ensures the success of your official event and the satisfaction of all requirements.Affordable Wi-Fi,possible resettlement of guests in luxurious rooms,delicious food…But large companies choose us for other factors.

Our additional services help to attend the conference as a resort:

. personal guide at the hotel

. center “Prolong Youth”,where the cornerstone is the normalization of metabolism and rejuvenation of the body due to individual nutrition

. water and physiotherapy,capsules

. topen pool

. saunas

According to the participants,we manage to combine knowledge,benefits,tone with real relaxation…

This hotel with large and small conference rooms should definitely appear in your address book!

We will undertake any turnkey design.