National complex Latar,Armenia (hotel in Yerevan+Anti-age center)

The philosophy of the magnificent Armenian hospitality is a meeting of non-clients and visitors about their favourite guests.

“Latar”-a place where you forget about everything will be shrouded in our cares and the atmosphere of a serene rest.

Here you will not hear the noise of the big city and breathe clean and fresh air,feel the aromas of flowering gardens.

And from the window of your room you can admire the magnificent scenery.Right in front of you is the valley of with the biblical Mount Ararat towering over it.

For an unforgettable vacation we have all the saunas,waterfalls with massage,Japanese baths and of course a huge swimming pool with clear water.

Our mission is always fit the spirit  of the times.

Your feedback and attention inspire us to a new development.Therefore,in 2016,the “Youth center”began to work.There you will be able to discover Caucasian longevity.

There are many best hotels in Yerevan,but “Latar” instead of which immediately becomes a favorite.

Book a “premium” hotel right now.

Recognize your exclusive right to rest.


In the ” YOUTH PROLONGATION CENTER ” created for the health and rejuvenation of the person at the cellular level.

Our methods of work are safe and have a long-term action.Nutritionist carefully examine the state of health after the conversation and if you need the latest tests on the spot you will find proper nutrition.We do not prescribe any diets.It will be complete and balanced.You can try delicious dishes of Armenian feast without limiting yourself.

In this 100% individual scheme,everything that will help your body to cope with adverse factors will be taken into account.Additional physiotherapy procedures even for a few days spent in the center will start the body recovery program for 3-6 months ahead.Full reboot of the body,we can give more than a detox program of weight loss or anti-age proper nutrition improve exchange of things tv naturally lead pep beauty and body without injections and pills if you always liked the sanatorium with the same power and mode,than come to the health center to prolong youth just wish myself a healthy youthful beauty and welcome to us.


 Just wish myself a healthy youthful beauty and welcome to us.

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